Walk & Talk

Simply put, a combination of counselling, walking and being outside, connecting to nature and the elements.

In the same way that physical health is not isolated from mental health, mental health is not isolated from physical.

If we embody this wisdom, this means counselling on the move, in the open, rather than being sat down in a room. This has the benefit of less eye contact, making it easier to be open. It has the benefit of releasing trapped emotions into great wide open. We are also blessed to have the Jurassic Coastline on our door step where we can walk along grassy pasture taking in the view of the Fleet Lagoon and Chesil beach.

“When we are walking, every step we take is a step of completion, of fulfilment and a step towards self-realisation” – Satish Kumar, Earth Pilgrim

Over time we have become less active in society with car dependence, online living and vast urbanisation. As a consequence we have become less connected to nature and the elements with damaging effects to our health both physically and mentally. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the UK, whilst depression and anxiety are our two most common mental health issues. Physical activity is essential in staying healthy, preventing dis-ease both physically and mentally, and reducing symptoms of dis-ease.

Walking helps us stay in the present. Looking forward makes it easier to be more open. Nature becomes a facilitator of therapy.

Through our disconnect to our planet, as a species, we have damaged and polluted the very being that supports all life here, including our own. Many therapists recognise the state of our outer world is a direct reflection to our inner world. Nature can help us heal, and we can heal nature.

EARTHING: We invented footwear to help prevent injuries understandably. With non-conductive materials on our feet, and some of us living without outdoor spaces, we then disconnected from the electromagnetic waves of the Earth which are vital to restoring our balance. Just as little as 20 mins of barefoot to the planet can help to restore our balance. We can incorporate this into our walk and talk if you wish. If you have any medical conditions, such as diabetes you may need to check with the GP, and an alternative may be to rest your feet on garden grass whilst sat down.


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