Self Care

6 Common Features of Good Mental Health:

  1. Making the most of your potential
  2. Engaging with family/work/community
  3. Your ability to learn
  4. Ability to feel, express and manage emotions (positive and negative)
  5. Ability to form and maintain good relationships with others
  6. Ability to cope with & manage change and uncertainty

Risk Factors to Good Mental Health include:

  • Circumstances e.g. poverty, isolation, sickness
  • Experiences e.g. Family mental illness, bullied/abused, traumatic/stressful life events, risk taking behaviour

How to reduce those Risk Factors:

  • 4 ways to increase your resilience (the ability to cope with change) by learning or improving:
    1. new skills to cope with life stressors (emotional, social, financial)
    2. networking skills
    3. resourcefulness
    4. education
  • 7 ways to increase your protective factors:
    1. Improving your relationship with yourself
    2. Improving your relationship with others
    3. Ask for help
    4. Improve your problem solving skills
    5. Improve your decision making skills
    6. Improve your self worth
    7. Get involved in your community e.g. make friends, volunteer to help others, join sports groups


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