Reiki Level I

Suitable for beginners or those wanting a refresher. History of Reiki in the third dimension, with attunement process and seven chakra system. Exploring forth dimensional way of working with the new twelve chakra system and using energy for healing. The workshop will focus on self, but will touch on the next level – the practitioner level. So you can try healing on family, friends, animals at the farm and mother Earth.

Reiki Level II

Suitable for those who have completed level I with me or another practitioner, or even for those wanting a refresher. A recap of Level I to make sure group has all explored working with the new twelve chakra system and using energy for healing. The workshop will focus on healing others, in person and by distance. We will also cover setting up in practice. After the workshop, you will be required to do 6 practical hours supervised.

You may wish to do Level I and II closely together but please be aware if applying for practitioner membership with the UK Reiki Federation they state that it needs to be 9 months from the date of your Level I.

Reiki Exchanges

Suitable for anyone with Reiki training. Each month we hold an opportunity for people to pair up and do an exchange of healing. We also hold an opportunity to give healing to animals in exchange with them giving healing to you. In this exchange as a group of people we also send out distance healing to those in your hearts (please feel free to bring in your Reiki healing book and we can send out healing to all those you have written in there).

Reiki III & Master Level

Available for those with Reiki II to enable practitioners to teach Reiki to others.


We started the day learning about the how to write Reiki symbols in Japanese I learnt how to do this after about 7 attempts which was fun! We moved on and covered lineage, history and the chakra system within and around humans. There were also excellent meditations where you get to meet your spirit guides – this was an eye opening and jaw dropping experience for myself and I shall never forget. A tasty lunch was provided. We also learnt how to perform Reiki on humans by practicing on each other. I was fortunate enough to do mine in the summer time so the horses joined in. Georgie has a brilliant manner about her and is easy to work with. Throughly recommend it.

Simon, Reiki II

Good afternoon Georgie. I wanted to thank you again for last Sunday, it really was amazing. I loved the teaching and also the chance to get the very briefest opportunity to be near horses. I also really enjoyed talking to you about spirit and shamanism.

David, Reiki I

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