Transactional Analysis

Clients often ask for more information about Transactional Analysis once they hear about the PAC Model or even the Drama Triangle.

This book is a great foundation for learning more about TA and goes into the theory thoroughly covering things like childhood scripts, the games we play, masked/suppressed emotions. It is generally found on a counsellors reading list if training in this theory.

The TA 101 Workshop with UKATA is the best way to learn about TA, from learning about your relationship with yourself to interactions with others. It can help you lead a better life. Just a two day course, near you, is well worth the investment.

A brilliant ‘Wind in the Willows’ Style explanation of TA using all the well known characters: Badger, Toad, Mole and Rat with the introduction of Heron as the counsellor.

Warning – you may never look at Badger the same way again after this PAC template is placed over these well known characters. This is a good way to understand how to put the template over your own life and those in it.

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