Satish Kumar, is the co-founder of Schmacher College in Devon. He is a life long peace and environmental activist wrote this book after walking an 8600 mile ‘peace’ journey from India, over the Himalayas, Moscow, Paris, London and Washington (the corners of the nuclear world) in 1962.

This will inspire you to connect to your planet in the here and now, to let go of prejudice and preconditioning, go beyond good and evil, to realise a bigger connection in life.

The planets electromagnet waves keep us all grounded and healthy. This book discusses the importance of taking our shoes and socks off and connecting to the ground, earth, grass or even concrete for at least 20 mins everyday. There are reports of massive health improvements from chronic inflammation and diseases, to helping the ageing process itself by putting this into your daily routine.

There are further discussions about what to do if you are in a high rise flat in the middle of a city, or what you can do for your house bound cat.

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