Group Work

INNER CHILD THERAPY GROUP: Twice a month, 2 hours in the evening. £10 a session, starts in July 2019 and will run for a year. Group still open to new members if you feel like giving this a go please contact me.
IN GRATITUDE GROUP: A year long challenge of staying in Gratitude for those having issues with common mental health issues or thinking there is a sense of lack (lack of love, money, security, friendship). Each member of this group is allocated a day of the week and sends in a photo for this day to indicate something they are grateful for that week. This group started in May 2019, but is open for further members.
FURZEDOWN FARM HEALING & WELL-BEING GROUP: For anyone who has studied on one of our workshops (Essential Oils for Animals, or Reiki) for ongoing support via FB group and invites to ‘healing share’ events
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