Bowen Therapy

What is Bowen?

The Bowen Technique is a complementary, holistic and gentle non-intrusive hands on therapy which stimulates and activates the body’s inner ability to heal itself. This reorganisation of the musculature of the body can bring increased energy levels and pain relief. As a soft tissue therapy, the process ‘disturbs’ the fascia or connective tissue; there is no pulling or cracking of joints and no insertion of needles. The therapist uses fingers or thumbs in a rolling action over specific muscles, tendons and ligaments; incorporating resting periods to allow the body to absorb the information and respond accordingly.

Bowen has been successfully used for a variety of animals including horses, cats and dogs. Some horse owners use it to aid recovery after an injury, some as a regular therapy in order to avoid problems developing from the stresses and strains of ridden or driven work, some to release stresses after routine procedures such as dental checks, and some to enhance the performance of their horse when it is feeling ‘a little off’.

Equine Bowen Therapy is not intended as a substitute for veterinary advice or treatment. If in doubt please contact your veterinary surgeon

A treatment will take approximately 45 mins. Two or three treatments, usually at weekly intervals may be required to achieve lasting relief.

Practitioner: Caroline Crane

2020 Price Guide:

  • £45 – Horse: first appointment (saddle fit, feed assessment, full history etc)
  • £30 – Horse: subsequent appointments
  • £25 – Humans
  • £20 – Dogs
  • £50 – Horse / human combo
  • Ask for actual charges when booking appointment for home visits which include petrol charges outside of 10 mile radius from farm and discount for multiple animals/horses.
10 mile radius from farm.

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