The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld

We believe this is what makes you fearful of the states you call past and future, and makes you reluctant to see the present with clear sight.  Invite both the past and future into the present, so that all would become a seamless web. ” – The Sidhe

The Sidhe : John Matthews : 9780936878058

A short book by archaeologist and scholar John Matthews who was invited to Ireland by a colleague to an excavation site and there he encountered a connection with The Sidhe who imparted their wisdom gained from a world or dimension that runs in parallel with our own. John writes the book in order of his encounters with The Sidhe over about a month, and explains the use of a glyph to help his connection to The Sidhe once leaving the site. Interestingly, the Sidhe mention that some of the crop circles are glyph’s from Gaia for us to connect with our planet in a similar way as John to The Sidhe; other circles they acknowledge are created by fellow humans who perhaps wish their own form of connection. At the end of the book John extracts the six exercises for us all to practice ‘awareness’ and ‘meditating’ to help us connect us to our own inner wisdom and that of the Great Web (or whatever you wish to call that wisdom that is bigger than you or I).

The Great Web that connects all life: it is vital that you learn how to make contact with that form that links us all. Be reconnected to everything, end that state of fragmentation that exists in you and that is everywhere in your world” – The Sidhe

Juniper Relaunch

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Photo: Janos Borbely

As some readers may recall, Juniper has been on hold as a business for quite some time. Originally starting in 2010 as an Animal Health and Well-being business and a couple of years later incorporating natural therapies for people. In 2014 I ceased trading due to my 14 year old niece, whom I was fostering single-handedly, becoming paralysed whilst at school. She recovered, almost fully, over the following year with the help of a brilliant chiropractor and our pony Jac. During her recovery year I began training as a counsellor and inspired by Jac’s healing ability also trained in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy/Learning with LEAP.

Ironically, now recovered my niece ran away from home several times and social services ended the placement unexpectedly. I was faced with a decision to quit counselling training so I could work full time and sell Jac, or quit my flat by the following month. I took the latter option as I promised Jac a forever home and I was quite determined to become a counsellor. I was only able to stay in Dorset for 6 months, and then a friend thankfully offered a room and place for Jac in Glastonbury. Together we set about creating an Equine ReWilding business with her amazing herd of ponies and horses. I travelled back to Dorset weekly to continue counselling training, and wore down two old cars in the process of both this and travelling to voluntary placements to gain my 100 client hours. Through one of my placements I eventually gained my current job in primary care which being part time fitted around my diploma, the horses and gave me a small income. With it I attempted to live independently in a mobile home.

After one of the wettest winters, with the horses off the land for nearly 5 months my hands and shoulder began to deteriorate with the manual work and this it began to effect my ability to type and do other simple tasks in my paid work. Financially, physically and emotionally things became impossible and thus ended my chapter in Glastonbury. Sadly, this caused Jac and I to end up in different counties, he in Gloucestershire and me back in Dorset.

It was hard going not seeing my best friend daily and also being back in a place that broken my heart.  As Mick Jagger once indicated ‘you don’t always get what you want, but you often get what you need’. So I embraced this change and set about making the most of it. I completed my client hours, finally passing my two year diploma, sat a proficiency exam to become a Registered Counsellor and even got married. Whilst visiting Jac, I began to get creative about setting up Woodland Retreats at his new home and helped a friend (who now looks after Jac within her herd of native ponies) set up Equine EARTH.

With ongoing chiropractic, physiotherapy and sports massage, I got the use of my hands and shoulder back and with that my ability to get back into painting and creating websites for others now with very little pain. I recently redesigned my own website from a blog site back to a website ready to relaunch Juniper. Thank you to those who have supported me on this challenging journey; from those who gave me a home to those who simply sent good wishes; and a special shout out to the British Legion who helped me fund half of the diploma fees.

With no further ado, I would like to introduce my two new venues for Juniper:

If you are local and would like to book a counselling appointment please contact me and for more information on what to expect from counselling please click here.

I also offer online counselling for those who are not local or just prefer the comfort of your own home.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Best wishes, Georgie


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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What is the cause of PTSD?

All humans are complex organisms who constantly strive to adapt to the demands placed on them by their physical & social environments. When threatened they react with fear & distress – a survival function. We learn from danger and once passed we ponder on characteristics of the threat (Yule, 1999).

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Zodiac Gateways

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During the first Gateway of the Zodiac Wheel (April) I met the author of ‘Your Zodiac Soul‘ John Wadsworth in a cafe in Glastonbury. He randomly asked my friend if she would take a photograph of both him and his friend and they held up a book. I noticed the book title and I was intrigued so asked if one of them had written the book. John replied that he had; it was 14 years worth of his work and he had managed to capture it into his first book and was embarking on a UK book tour to promote it. Naturally, I bought a signed copy of the book as did my friend. I was not expecting such an experiential and fascinating book, a book that explains the wheel of life, from birth to death to rebirth, rather than the linear idea of birth to death.

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Free your Inner Child

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According to Eric Berne’s and his Transactional Analysis (TA) Theory we have 3 parts of us: Parent, Adult and Child Ego State and all have thoughts, feelings and behaviours to help identify which is at the forefront and in charge. We switch between ego states but often can find we are in a certain one most of the time. We may find it changes depending on who we are with.

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A Cup of Tea

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In basic Transactional Analysis we have 3 ego states: Parent, Adult and Child, three different parts of us. I have noticed that some people find it difficult to get into their adult ego state, which is about being fully present in the moment, only interested in the here and now. A guided meditation or yoga class seems to hard to fit in a chaotic week. What came to mind was a Buddhist ceremony around a cup of tea that I had read in my 20s.

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Rear View Mirror

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As this year draws to a close I am usually mindful of the year behind me. ‘Another year over, and what have you done‘ John Lennon asks and I reflect on an answer to give him. This year against the odds, I fought hard to stay on my counselling diploma. Counselling training has been life changing, in so many ways. The life I lived and the relationships I had at the start of my training almost 4 years ago have all changed or have ended.

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Victim Blaming

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I recently attended a truly inspirational and passionately delivered talk by Zoe Lodrick on ‘Dynamics of Power and Control’. Zoe is a Sexualised Trauma Specialist and has expertise in sexualised trauma, domestic abuse, victim behaviour, sex offending and in the interviewing of victims of sexual crimes.  Zoe is a recognised expert on human behaviour/response when faced with a threat/perceived threat, particularly sexual.

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The Fear Layer

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As trainee counsellors, we have been told ‘Counsellors without self awareness are limited in their ability to operate with any degree of honesty or integrity with clients‘. Therefore before working with clients, most training providers require that their trainee counsellors have at least 40 hours of personal therapy. And so it was during my 40 hours of personal counselling and beyond that I practically learnt how to identify my innate emotions of anger, sadness, fear and joy. That may sound a little bit strange, how do you not know what emotion you are feeling?

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The Experience of Sadness

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Almost a year ago my niece whom I had fostered for five years, looked up at the window that I was looking out of, as she ran away for the third and final time. Social services, as I knew they would, ended our placement without so much as a disruption meeting.

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A New Hope: Forgiveness

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It doesn’t interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the centre of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life’s betrayals or have become shrivelled and closed from fear of further pain” – Oriah Mountain Dreamer

This poem came to mind recently as I left Dorset for pastures new in Glastonbury. This time the part of the poem that jumped out was the bit about betrayals – have I been opened by them?  I am not shrivelled or closed, my heart is still open to people, but was I opened by those betrayals? What does that mean?

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Dear Dorset: A letter to a place

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Creative writing can be a useful tool for personal growth and development.  I recently attended such a workshop with Sue Ashby included as part of my counselling training. We were challenged to write ‘free-flow’ for 6 minutes, even if we repeated the same word until other words came to mind. We started the exercise with the word ‘If’.

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