ART Portfolio

Georgie enjoys capturing our animal friends onto canvas and usually works with oil paints and from several photographs (with a bit of artistic licence). Georgie formally studied Fine Art up to A-level, and went onto study Graphic Design which was all done by hand, a year before computers were about to replace most of this work. To support herself she instead embarked on other careers and painted in her spare time (if there was any).

Currently a Registered Counsellor, Georgie now takes regular time out to both paint and write which gives her a creative outlet and supports her own emotional and mental well-being.  Georgie is also Equine Facilitated Counsellor and her pony Jac is the inspiration for many of her non-commissioned paintings which explore etheric, psychic and fantasy elements to our unconsciousness.

Burlap Canvas Collection.

British Wildlife & Donkeys. Size 9 x 12 inch. Prints (limited edition) & Original available.

Fox – original and prints sold out
Tawny Owl
Barn Owl
Barn Owl
Brown Hare
Little Vijay – original sold

Elemental Horse Collection.

Winged horses. Size 10 x 12 inch. Prints (limited edition) & Original available.

Winged Horse (Air Horse)
Earth Horse
Fire Horse
Spirit Horse
Water Horse
Fantasy Horse Collection.

Fantasy horse scenes. Size 10 x 12 inch. Prints (limited edition) & Original available.

Woodland Secrets
Moonlit Flight
Tree of Life
Fantasy Wolf Collection.

Fantasy wolf scenes. Size 10 x 12 inch. Prints (limited edition) & Original available.

Aurora Wilderness
Wolf Moon – original and prints sold out
Private Commissions – Horse Portraits.
Equine Earth
I am Shustar

Georgie’s Angels
Gabby’s Horses
Piddle Pow-wow
Ancient Woodlands
Magic – from spirit
A field with a view
Bernie – from spirit
Private Commissions – Dog Portraits.


Little Legs Wolf Hearts
Tonks and Diggory
Inspirational Quotes Collection.
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