Georgie McBurney,


We can often feel isolated in modern society. Connecting to the natural world is one way to reconnect with your inner self. When we rediscover our real connection to the great web of life the experience is often transformational.

Counselling Style & Experience:

I am a Humanistic Integrative Counsellor and a Registered Member of the BACP. I am trained in Person Centred, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, and Psycho-spiritual approaches. I am also an Eco and Equine Facilitated Counsellor and work outside with nature and with my horse buddy Jac, who loves people. I specialise in working with adults and inner child therapy work. I am Reiki Master and have trained in and/or explored spiritual development, shamanism and complementary therapies.

BACKGROUND: I have worked in a primary care setting from 2016 to 2019, working within several GP surgeries as a counsellor supporting those with a common diagnosis of anxiety and depression, and a variety of other mental health issues. In 2018 I set up a Mental Health Support Group for one of the surgeries’ patients and shortly afterwards a counselling service for a surgery supporting trainee counsellors from local colleges. I am now working in private practice in Weymouth and run an Inner Child Therapy Group.

I am an Army veteran (Int Corps), and have worked for two Police forces; a Special Constable on Merseyside, and a Control Room Operator for Thames Valley. I am a qualified science teacher, have taught a range of students from Key Stage 3 to degree level and specialising in science subjects such as Biochemistry, Biology, Genetics and microbiology. I then became a Programme Leader for a BTEC which I created in Equine Management which incorporating Monty Roberts Horsemanship. I was a kinship foster carer for five years for my niece and was awarded Influential Woman of the year 2015 (Dorset Venus Awards) for supporting her through paralysis to recovery which meant giving up all other work. I have a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science, Behaviour & Welfare and have volunteered for a variety of animal charities such as the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital at West Hatch. My first business was in Animal Behaviour, Health and Well-being which evolved into a Complementary Therapist for Humans as well as animals, and eventually trained as a counsellor and a Equine facilitated Counsellor.

The more inner work we do, the more we heal our inner child and we bring back our creativity, imagination and connection.

INNER CHILD WORK: I learnt in the Army the best senior rankers were the ones who were prepared to do the work they were asking the juniors to do. It seems no different in the counselling room; I am a counsellor still doing my inner work and feeling the feelings of original pain work. I haven’t got it all figured out, but remain hopeful it is possible. I have found peace in the here and now. In my quest to ‘find the answers’ out there I have discovered two main things 1) those who claim to have the answers are so far behind those still seeking them 2) the answers are to be found internally. What I did find externally is that each relationship I had (have), in whatever capacity, gave (and still gives) me yet another opportunity to work on my inner child stuff I did not notice before. On my healing journey I have worked with counsellors, shamanic practitioners, complementary therapists, in various groups, in spiritual development and continue the inner journey and self care. I would not encourage you to do a journey I was not on or prepared to do myself.

Creativity: The more work I do on myself, the more creative I am. I know when I go into a depressive mood because I stop painting. I can seem to keep writing though. I write in various ways, I journal of course, write websites and blogs for myself and other people. I have written for a couple of equine magazines and I am currently an author for
Equine Leadership Magazine.


  • PGCE in Secondary Science (Biology) & QTS Status
  • BSc (Hons) Animal Science (Behaviour & Welfare)
  • Psychotherapeutic Counselling (PCL5) – currently studying
  • Therapeutic Counselling (TCL4)
  • LEAP Cert in Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy/Learning
  • Certificate in Health Coaching for Behaviour Change
  • Certificate in Essential Oil Therapy for Animals
  • Reiki III/Master
  • Youth MHFA
  • First Aid Certificate

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