Grateful for Sunday

Today we welcome another contributor to Sunday for our In Gratitude/Grateful for photography challenge. Read original post here.


I am a 60 year old married man with 4 grown children. I served for 31 years in the military and was first diagnosed with depression in about 2002 with 4 years left to serve. If my illness had been diagnosed years earlier and I’d had treatment then, my kids might have grown up stronger and not suffered quite so badly with their own mental health issues in adult life. Then again, if I hadn’t grown up in a dysfunctional family environment with both parents being alcoholics, I might have known what ‘normal’ was and been stronger myself. I do still suffer bouts of depression and anxiety and I suspect I always will. The anxiety is fairly new to me; I have a number of physical health issues and I think they have made me feel more vulnerable, so maybe that’s normal as you get older. I have never really got on with years of CBT, perhaps I just wasn’t ready to get better. The counselling from Georgie and introduction to Transactional Analysis has been enlightening, sometimes emotional and a little scary, but definitely helpful. After three weeks of trying to get going, I finally accept the challenge.

The photo I have chosen is of my rescue collie Jack and my foster dog, who unfortunately has to remain nameless and hidden…..for now. Although I’m sure they are grateful for their improved situation. I am so grateful to them for the pleasure and rewards they give me every day.

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