In Gratitude: Wednesday

A Year Long Challenge – We asked seven people who manage a mental health issue to take a photo each week, about something they are grateful for. Being In Gratitude starts to change how we perceive things – read our Original Blog here.

I went to the university of life; living through many extremes and trying to find a balance and calm. I belong to a dysfunctional childhood family so dealt and still deal with alcoholism and psychosis. I have dealt with bereavement more recently. I have suffered with anxiety and depression. I have suffered from abuse; sexual, physical and drugs. After living with the trauma of a burst appendix, I’m so lucky to be alive, but I am now left with a life long illness which has turned my life upside-down. I need to find a ‘normal’. The only thing that keeps me sane is the animals in my life, as they are the only people who aren’t complicated. So there may be a fair few animal photos over the year! I also love being in nature and sit outside to watch sunsets so I look forward to sharing these with you too.

Today, I am grateful for…

What are you grateful for today?

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