In Gratitude: Monday

A Year Long Challenge – We asked seven people who manage a mental health issue to take a photo each week, about something they are grateful for. Being In Gratitude starts to change how we perceive things. Read our Original Blog here.

I am a mother (dedicated to my children’s upbringing), a wife (dedicated to his career), and I am counsellor (dedicated to the well-being of others) – all of which make me feel whole. It’s not always been like this, my journey to this point in my life has been a massive roller coaster. It often would spiral out of control; from teenage trauma, to PTSD, to postpartum psychosis. I have self doubtlow self esteemand suffer with anxiety. I was lucky to have found great support through private and NHS mental health services. After a long road to recovery and support from friends and family I have become the person I am today as a result of the journey I have endured and I feel it makes me a more empathic counsellor. Mental health is important to me and I know it’s not always easy but it is something we all need to work on. One way I achieve this is to be grateful for the small things that bring us light on the darkest day. I will look forward to sharing these moments of gratitude with you over the year. 

I am grateful for…

What are you grateful for today?

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