In Gratitude: Saturday

A Year Long Challenge – We asked seven people who manage a mental health issue to take a photo each week, about something they are grateful for. Being In Gratitude starts to change how we perceive things – read our Original Blog here.

I am 18 years old and I feel about 40. I have had a very difficult time with my mum’s ongoing struggle with mental illness and severe alcoholism. Living at home with her hasn’t been safe for me for many years. Recently I came back to find her unconscious and called an ambulance. I was in A&E as I watched her die. Staff restarted her heart and she went into a coma for a couple of days. She then walked out and continued her drinking and has some brain damage. I am on antidepressants, I work with a counsellor and have joined a Support Group for Children of Alcoholics. I am slowly trying to put my life back together as I realise its time for me to get back my inner fire and start living my life. I think finding something I am grateful for each week will be really helpful for me this year.

Today, I am grateful for…

Sat 11th Jan

What are you grateful for today?

We caught up with all photographers each month, and in November 2019 they were given the option of leaving at the six month point, reflecting on how things have been and celebrating their challenge within their own blog.

Our monthly catch ups:

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