In Gratitude: Friday

A Year Long Challenge – We originally asked seven people who manage a mental health issue to take a photo each week, about something they are grateful for – we have since been joined by a few more people which is great. Being In Gratitude starts to change how we perceive things – Read Original Blog. On Friday’s we now have two people contributing, one a mother who manages anxiety and one a father who manages depression. We will check in with them after their first month.

I am a mother of two boys, originally from Surrey and now living in Dorset. I am self-employed and enjoy being my own boss. I always enjoy telling people I was once arrested and held in a police cell for two hours. I suffer from frequent anxiety and work hard to lock it away. I have also suffered from depression very briefly last year. After agreeing to do this challenge, I noticed I have begun to already look at things differently. I am driving around looking for photographs about things I am grateful for. I noticed the sea today and how beautiful it is and I live right by it.

Today, I am grateful for…

I am a father pushing 50, with two grown up sons who are more like best friend than children. I love to travel. I am self employed with my own outdoor business and have been for 27 ish years! Money always used to be a problem but the last three years things have been good on this front, fortunately. My health hasn’t been good for a year or so, somethings wrong inside the stomach area and it’s still undiagnosed. The unknown makes it hard to deal with and in the last six months it has destroyed my social life, travel plans and my relationship. Life used to be fun but I seem to now be on a downward spiral, depression has crept in, sleep is non existent, I am struggling and I can’t access resources which would normally make me feel safe in life. I am thinking about professional support, but for now I will find one picture a week of something that I’m grateful for and start my #ingratitude process.

Today, I am grateful for…

I couldn’t send photos whist I was away…so here they all are

What are you grateful for today?

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