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Archangels, Elves and Old Chinese

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So you may have noticed, there hasn’t been a blog on Juniper for a couple of months and the website looks slightly different.  There has been a period of settling into my new location, trying to get into a vague pattern of work and play, without getting stuck into a routine, as I don’t like them, they make me feel trapped.  The changes are due to some recent learning, meditations and workshops I have been on since my last post and living in Glastonbury…things were bound to get shaken up a bit. And that’s not a bad thing.

I attended a talk at Ilminister Positive Living group by Tim Whild about our archangels, ascension and 12 chakras. That’s right twelve. There may actually be more, but let’s focus on 12 for now.  I was listening intently as I was thinking about the 7 chakras I knew and used as a Reiki master, and questioning how this pieced together with reiki healing.  ‘On the 21 Dec 2012 when the Mayans saw the end of the world’, Tim explained, ‘what they actually saw was the end of the third dimension. We have all now ascended into the fifth dimension, whether we are aware of it or not.‘  He continued with a modern explanation that he gave to his own kids about how we all got an upgrade from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 7.  Not that I have ever owned an iPhone, I still understood the concept of what he was saying. If true, that meant that my Reiki workshops were now apps for the iPhone 5.  So kinda pointless for an iPhone 7 I pondered.  No-one needs an attunement anymore…because we have already have one and on a bigger scale than before.  I approached him at the end of the talk to discuss my thoughts.  Firstly, his disclaimer, he is not saying anything against Reiki. Fair enough I thought, I imagine it could get political when livelihoods are threatened. The news didn’t hit me like that though, I will own the fact I have never had one career, one livelihood so perhaps that is why I just wanted to know how best to work with the new information within my business.  Tim explained that in the third dimension, the world needed Reiki healing and people were given the sacred symbols through Mikao Usui around the time the planet was experiencing its second world war.  Now the whole planet is in its ascension, along with its inhabitants, no symbols are required, simply ‘use your intuition to heal others’ Tim smiled. Practically for me this meant no more Reiki attunement workshops, so I deleted them from the website.

For those interested in our upgrade, you may like to have a look at The Archangel Guide to Ascension: 55 Steps to the light by Diana Cooper and Tim Whild.  My brief explanation won’t do this justice, but here goes: we now have 3 chakras above the crown linking us to further afield than before, we now have a chakra under our feet connecting us to the Earth (who has also ascended) and an extra chakra sneaked in at our navel.

12 chakra system, Tim Whild, Juniper, Reiki, Healing

They are all different colours now too: Stella Gateway (Golden Orange sun), Soul Star chakra (Magenta pink), Causal chakra (white), Crown (golden-white), Third Eye (crystal ball), Throat (royal blue), Heart (soft pink), Solar plexus (golden cosmic glow), Naval (orange), Sacral (iridescent pink), Root (platinum) and The Earth Star chakra (black and white or haematite grey).  I recall the Root chakra is no longer red, which represented survival (our blood), now it is platinum colour to represent our new way of being. Our solar plexus which was programmed to detect threats (fear) we have to switch over to detecting love. This won’t be an easy switch over for some people, and we can expect that our ‘ego’ may fight against this change. Over the next 15 years of our ascension it will be ‘interesting’ to see how we will all move from living our lives sensing fear to love. I acknowledge that even now as I write this, events have happened and are happening which seem to have made a lot of people look again with compassion and love, despite the media promoting fear and survival.   A waking up – ‘the great awakening’. Time will tell. Read more on 12 chakra system.

Some of the people I have met over the years have commented that I am often ‘away with the fairies’. They perhaps weren’t too far off the mark, it is possible I have been in that realm once upon a time. I met Elen Tompkins at the Ilminster Positive Living group, and as she was now living in Glastonbury, I joined her local elven meditation group which is working its way through Elen’s book ‘Silver Wheel: Lost Teachings of the Deer Skin book’. Elen is able to channel the elven elders at each meditation. It is amazing to watch her appearance change as she channels, she looks serious, older but at the same time ageless or perhaps timeless would be a better description.  She takes the group on a meditation in both English and Elvish to discover lost teachings we once knew. Elven wisdom is returning to us, as we are ascending or have ascended, so are able to access it once again in the fifth dimension.  Being a big fan of The Hobbit, it was interesting to hear that JRR Tolkien must have been able to meditate and tap into this elven wisdom as his books are very accurate.  It has left me feeling hopeful that the same may be true of the Jedi’s and the Wizarding world. A wise and ‘connected’ visitor to the farm we keep our horses on confirmed that the elementals have returned to the meadows there; they left due to the chemicals that were being sprayed on the fields as they did not feel welcome but something has changed since we moved there.  I certainly have noticed that since attending these meditations there are now lots of blue dragonflies, butterflies, frogs and toads in the horse meadows, which have always represented faery tales and elementals to me. For those readers not near Glastonbury but interested in learning more about Elen’s work, I believe she has started reaching out to people around the globe with use of technology so it is/or will be possible to log in and join her sessions wherever you live.

Old Chinese was the name of ascended master Chung Fu who I have been lucky enough to have worked with before coming to Glastonbury and have continued to work with since.  It has been very interesting to learn more about myself, other lives, my soul, my higher self, my blocks to understanding and communication, working at releasing emotions trapped in the body and breaking old karmic patterns.  The Deep Soul Connection work with Chung Fu seems a natural progression after working closely with an amazing personal counsellor for the last year who was able to work with me on an energetic or spiritual level.  It has also had a profound effect on my work with others, as I can sense more easily what it is like to be in their shoes, feel what they feel, how they experience their own journey and importantly, know that it is not advice they seek, but merely a safe space so they can hear their own wisdom come through.

My website now reflects a slight change in focus for my business, namely intuitive healing and ‘a listening ear’ which I will be able to officially call ‘counselling’ once I complete my counselling training to private practice level.  I now work with business partner Livvy Adams whom I met a year ago at LEAP training to qualify as a Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) practitioners.  Together we have nine ponies/horses and we are very passionate about working with our amazing herd of equines and have observed that a session with them is more powerful than several sessions of talk therapy in a counselling room.  All my future posts connected to our horses will be on and future workshops connected to Essential Oil Therapy/Wild Health for animals will also be advertised there to empower owners to use on their own animals.  In addition there will be workshops with Lyn Palmer (who owns the farm our horses are on), she offers and teaches The Equine Touch, Canine Touch and Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique (VHT) for humans. We are also excited about forthcoming Animal Communication Workshops with Jo Dutfield who has really helped with the communication between us all at Paintedhorse.  We hope to work with Jo in the future to help families in particular. The Juniper website will continue with the blogs on my discoveries along my counselling journey and further afield, which may help you along on your own journey in life.

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